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STX Finance

Your horse box is an extension of yourself. A statement of your lifestyle.

The ultimate buying experience  including a personalised quotation and individual test drive in one of our Stephex Horseboxes. 

With our vast wealth of industry knowledge and experience, allow our horseboxes to showcase their craftmanship and style  ... 

Don't just dream it...Drive it

The Stephex Group has the financial strength to offer  STX Finance which relieves you of administrative hassle when setting up long term rentals.


Its gives you the opportunity to own the Stephex horse box of your dreams.

Stephex Horseboxes is the uncontested European leader in Horseboxes and offers full backup in the UK and throughout Europe.

Make a statement...Travel in Style...In your new Stephex Horsebox


I'm always looking for new and exciting way to help people


Don't just dream it...Drive it

T: 01772 378534

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